Basic Exit Bath – $20-50 depending on dog (intended for short/medium haired dogs)
Extra Feedings – $2/dog (morning & evening feedings included)
Round-trip Travel to/from Veterinarian or Groomer – $1.50/mile roundtrip
Pick-up or Drop-off at Colorado Springs Airport – $40
Pick-up or Drop-off at Denver Airport – $180
Pick-up/Drop-off at your home – $1.50/mile roundtrip
Satisfying Dog’s Workout Schedules – contact for customized quote
Special Requests – considered on a case-by-case basis (exercising, grooming, socializing)

Medications & Supplements: Medications and/or Supplements must be provided in their original containers with dosage instructions attached. Please remember to refill prescriptions in advance so they have enough doses for their stay. Colorado law requires written permission from you and your vet to administer medications and/or calming supplements.

Please be aware that left turns into or out of our property are illegal.  Double-double yellow lines are to be treated like a median.  If you are approaching from the eastbound lanes of Highway 24, please proceed past Falcon Kennel and turn left on Stapleton, make a U-turn and turn right on Highway 24 so you can turn right into our property.  Likewise, please exit with a right turn only.